Bio: I am a mom to three awesome kids. They are my pride and joy, even when they have managed to push my sanity to and often over the proverbial edge. They are my greatest achievements and I love watching them grow and come into their own selves. I am married to a very hard working man whom I love dearly and would do anything for, but as of late our differences have caused a divide between us that I don't know if we will recover from..... Because of that, I made the decision to, and recently went back to work full-time as a nurse. I love what I do, and I would like to think that after all this time I am very good at my job. Connecting with people at their most vulnerable and helping them heal, brings me a sense of purpose and gives meaning to what I do. I secretly have always had a passion for writing. When I started this blog I did so as a way to be able to express myself through my words; and hopefully inspire others through my life experiences as both a mom and a nurse. To be able to adequately convey just the right amount of my life experience, mixed with a little bit of humor, some impassioned views, some heartfelt emotion, and of course lessons learned, and in turn inspire others would be an awesome experience and privilege. Now after somewhat of a hiatus, I am looking to continue my blogging, for all of the reasons I initially started, but also because of the value introspection can offer. Making sense out of chaos, finding silence amongst the noise, and locating solace during turmoil....its my blog that I am hoping will be my beacon and offer me light on my path.

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