A while back I posted that we were looking to move and had put our house on the market.  Keeping the house clean was no small feat with three very active kids (and one messy husband – sorry honey but you are) who own way to much stuff and (despite my best efforts) still can’t clean up after themselves (mom fail).  To date, after some aggravating negotiating we accepted an offer, made it through attorney review and are patiently waiting for our buyers to sell their home so that we can start looking (officially) for our new home.  Yep that’s right… We are living in limbo…

So, while we wait “patiently”for the green light to move ahead,  I’ve been looking around our house and have come to the very obvious conclusion that we own way to much crap.  There is just no way I can pack up this entire house by myself (because you know that will be the case).  Just thinking about the enormity of the task is overwhelming in itself…lol.  Thus I am in a major purge mode.  My kids are under advisement that the time has come to  part with things that they have outgrown and donate those items to the charitable organization we usually donate to.   I myself have been going through my stuff in an effort to lighten the load.  Hopefully by the time we can move forward with the actual packing up portion of this process we will have reduced our stuff greatly.

More to come in the near future.  Fingers crossed that my buyers get an offer very soon….