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June 2016

Summer Vacation = “Mom I am bored!”

I would kill for the opportunity to “be bored.”  As a mom to three very busy kids there is no time to be bored.  There is however time to be frazzled, aggravated, stressed, harried, spent, exhausted, and drained.  So on the last day of school, and every day since summer vacation has started, I have heard at least once if not multiple times, how bored one of my kids is.  Seriously?!?!  I can’t help but think to myself how good they have it.  Electronic devices aside (since I try to limit usage in the nice weather), there are a million things that they can do to keep themselves occupied: they can hop on their bikes and go for a bike-ride, go for a walk, read a book, go to the park, go to the pool, have a campout in the back yard, play baseball…..etc. (you get my point).  So how is it that with so many options they even have time to be bored?  Somebody please explain!!!!

Boredom complaints are met with icy stares and an eye roll from me.  I have no tolerance for them and have told them that.  I have also told them that I can and most certainly will find something for them to do which, I guarantee you, will neither be fun nor leave them bored (lord knows I can certainly use help with my list of  things to do).   I just wish my kids knew and truly appreciated that this is their time, their time to be anything, do anything, and experience anything they want to experience.  Once they are grown, more responsibilities will have set in and the time to be bored will have passed.  This is their time to be a kid….


Why do my kids…the saga continues…

1.  …Call my name “Mom?”…I answer “What?” … No response. This whole interchange repeats a few more times until I am now yelling “What do you want? And why aren’t you answering me?”

I am then met with either a “Nevermind” or a “Why are you yelling at me?” Grrrr.

2.  ….think I am going to tolerate their talking back when every other time before that clearly did not end end in their favor?

3. …think that asking me something a million times will somehow change my initial answer?

4.  ….think that having a meltdown will make me change my mind?

5.  …find the most inopportune times to need me to solve their problems?

6.  …think that a closed bathroom door is an open invitation to barge in?

7. …think that good behavior entitles them to a treat?

8. …not understand that rules and consequences are in place for their well-being – not because mommy likes to be mean?

9.  …feel the need to stockpile their dirty clothes under their bed rather than put it in the hamper 5 feet away?

Why do my kids…

1. …Always seem to get sick just after the doctor’s office closes or on a weekend when appointments are limited?

2. …always seem to come out with something completely inappropriate in front of a room full of people at the very moment it’s completely quiet?

3. …always complain that they are bored while laying on their beds surrounded by their toys?

4. …beg to help me when I don’t need their help and complain and carry-on when I ask for their assistance?

5. …put shorts on when it’s freezing out and bundle up when it’s hot out?

6. …inevitably stick their hands in their mouths after touching everything in a public place?

7. …feel the need to sniff and wipe their noses on their sleeves when there is a perfectly good box of tissues right next to them?

8. …try to make me hold the very things that they insist on bringing (and swear that they will carry) on a trip out?

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