When I became a mom I unknowingly traded in high heels for flip-flops; skinny jeans for yoga pants, sexy underwear for less than sexy underwear, stylish blouses for sweatshirts and almost perfect hair for pony tails.  It was kind of like an unexpected right of passage into motherhood – as there was no practicality in “dressing up” anymore.  My new motherhood unexpected curves – and unfortunately I am not referring to my temporary upper chest enhancement that came from breast-feeding – but rather those hip proportions that changed ever so slightly that it made it near to impossible to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes in the exact way I did prior (despite a valiant effort to do so) and had me filling clothes away in the deep recesses of my closet under the category “maybe one day I’ll get those to fit again.”  Gone were the days of looking “put together” as there just wasn’t a need to anymore.  But, moms everywhere know – there needs to be this need…

Underneath the sweats and behind the messy buns – we still are the same desirable, passionate, sexy women we started out being – sure maybe we are a little more tired and look a bit more frazzled, yet we are still there.  And, we need the opportunity to reconnect with this inner self every now and again, to not only remind ourselves of this, but to use it to cultivate our relationship with our spouse/partner.  While a good portion of our identities are now rooted in motherhood, who we started out being is as equally important as who we are now.  It’s important to find the time to tap into our former selves, to put on something that makes you feel more like the woman you are underneath it all, than the mom you became.  This is not to cast aside your current identity but rather to enhance it through a little personal expression.

So moms, its time to let your inner goddess loose…..