IMG_2584 If a picture is worth a thousand words then this picture says all it needs to say.  The sheer joy on my daughter’s face from something as simple as an inflatable pool and the garden hose was so special for me; and as a mom knowing that I was the reason behind this smile – was priceless….

In today’s chaotic world where moms often juggle their families against other commitments and responsibilities; it can be hard to find the time to foster moments such as this, moments that result in huge smiles and shrieks of laughter.  But as a mom, is it so important to find the time, and if necessary – to make the time.  The house, the laundry, the cooking…. they can wait til later.  Sure you are tired and it would be so much easier sometimes to just let the kids occupy themselves while you get done what needs to get done; yet if you do, your missing out on opportunities that you will not have again.  If there is one thing that I have learned, is that the value of our interactions has more to do with the time we invest spending with our children than the activity itself.  Children need to know that they are worth putting everything else aside, that they are worth your time, and that they are what matters in that moment – nothing else.

IMG_2109      Be the reason your kids smile…